World's first 3D chocolate printer now up for pre-order

World's first 3D chocolate printer now up for pre-order

Choc Creator, world first commercial 3D chocolate printer is launched. The company behind it is Choc Edge Ltd, a spin-off company from the University of Exeter, UK founded by Dr Liang Hao, the lead scientist who invented the world's first 3D chocolate printer. 3D chocolate printer adds material layer by layer to form 3D shapes. Unlike plastic material, it is more difficult to accurately control its heating and cooling cycles because chocolate change its condition as temperature varied.

The newest Choc Creator Version 1 is a simple, yet versatile desktop 3D chocolate printer aiming to allow users to design and make their own chocolate figures. It has a build envelope of 175(X) x 175(Y) x 70(Z) mm and its maximum linear speed can reach to 2000mm/min. In the future Choc Edge plans to supply retail units for shops which everyone can go and print their chocolate design.

The Choc Creator is a hobby printer that customers will be able to design any object on a computer before hitting the print button. Choc Creator Version 1 uses an open source 3D printing software and accepts standard 3D printing STL files and Gcode. Files can be uploaded to the printer via a standard USB connection.

World's first 3D chocolate printer now up for pre-order 1


For pre-orders Choc Edge offers a discounted selling price of £2,488(not including shipping charge), £400 cheaper than its normal retail price of £2,888. This offer is only valid for 90 Choc Creators (No. 11 - 100). Pre-order Choc Creator will be dispatched within 9-12 weeks.

According to BBC, A number of retailers and e-commerce websites around the world have expressed their interest in taking the printer, such as Thorntons - the UK's largest specialist retailer and manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery goods.

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