3D Print Expo to Feature Roundtable on 3D Printing CAE Solutions

3D Print Expo to Feature Roundtable on 3D Printing CAE Solutions

How to reduce the time of LMD and SLM technology integration? How does the three-dimensional printing sector benefit from CAE solutions? These issues will be discussed at 3D Print Expo by specialists from Anisoprint, Siemens, Roscosmos, «RusAT» and CSOFT.

On October 5 at 12:00, the event will feature a roundtable: CAE and additive technologies: solutions for the future.

The roundtable will involve representatives of leading Russian companies focusing on the adoption of additive technologies. The key talking point will be CAE solutions for predictive evaluation, outcome adaptation, possibilities for decreasing the time of LMD and SLM technology integration, and Anisoprint’s carbon fiber printing.

  • Fedor Antonov from Anisoprint, a well-known startup in Russia and abroad that has developed its own technology and equipment for 3D printing of composite materials.
  • Oleg Chizh from Siemens, a conglomerate company engaged in electronic engineering, transportation, medical equipment, and services in various industrial, transport, and communications sectors.
  • A representative of Roscosmos, a state-owned corporation that implements space exploration plans, trains astronauts, develops and tests special-purpose machinery, as well as builds a spaceport.
  • Anton Lepestov from CSOFT, a company specializing in consulting and integration of comprehensive solutions into systems of automated designing, engineering process preparation, and document management.
  • Alexey Dub, CEO at Rusatom – Additive technologies, the only industrial integrator of three-dimensional printing tech. RusAT is focusing on the development of complex 3D printing software, creating of a specialized equipment and materials, as well as the integration of additive technologies in manufacturing.

Attend the event and ask experts your questions! The seventh additive technology exhibition, 3D Print Expo, will take place in Sokolniki ECC on October 4-5.

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